2021 Summer Campaign


Video for Climate Activism

This website features videos from a summer 2021 project sponsored by Bard’s Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College in New York, USA, in conjunction with global partners and the Open Society University Network. They were developed by student filmmakers from countries across the world, and are part of the build up to the a worldwide focus on climate solutions and climate justice set for March 30, 2022.




Living on Faith in a Changing Planet

Clement Cupido, South Africa


New Orleans Flash Floods - Wading Through

Helena Robinson, USA


From Covid 19 to Climate Disruption

Emmanuel Gouveia, Portugal


Small Town, Big Potential

Elizabeth Frost, UK


Port of Tacoma and Climate Restoration

Terri Pugh, USA


Dilemma for Coral Reefs

Mahmood Riyaz, Maldives


Julie 1989-1994

Bo Tumasz, USA


Noe: Saved or Developed

Cassie Danton, USA


Save the Sundarbans

Amrita DasGupta, India


One Person, One Farm

Jill Moran, USA


Forest School - Natures Natural Classroom

Jasmine Ahmed, UK


The Story of Bottle Light

Rashid Shahbriar, Bangladesh


The Eyes Behind the Frontline Resistance

Lina Salas, Colombia



Meet The Faculty

Instructors and Staff

Each team of student filmmakers will be mentored in weekly sessions by one of our four award-winning instructors in the build up to the final end-of-class film festival and awards ceremony!

Adam Stepan
Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker
Kynan Tegar
Julie Tumasz
Digital Communications Director
Paul Redman



These videos were made using OSUN and Columbia University created training videos designed to train new media creators in the basics of to smart phone filming, interviewing technique, field production and editing, as well as small group mentoring sessions and workshops.

Local Filmmakers

These films were made by local filmmakers, with varying degrees of media experience. Many were fist time directors. All were motivated by a desire to tell compelling stories with their smart phones ands DSLR cameras, and we commend them for sharing these films!

World Wide Climate Teach In

Record-breaking heatwaves, fires and floods are waking us up, again, to how fast climate change impacts are hitting.These films are part of the worldwide focus on climate solutions and climate justice set for March 30, 2022. Register here for one of the upcoming information sessions.